So that your dog can feed and hydrate, he needs a suitable bowl. It is a small dog, a big dog, it has long, drooping ears … the dog bowl has to be practical: anti-slip bowl, bowl stainless steel or plastic, ceramic, put on a support … More than 250 models of Bowl and dog dispenser are at your disposal. In case of absence, opt for a distributor of croquettes and for drinking, a water fountain.

Bowl and dispenser gathers all the accessories to feed and hydrate his dog. Feeder and distributor takes into account both the peculiarities of the dog, his anatomy and his race. The dog bowl, the kibble container, the water dispenser must be able to adapt if it is a Bichon, a Poodle, a Cavalier King Charles, a British or American Cocker , knowing for example that these breeds of dogs have long, drooping ears.

Dog bowl

You can choose from different capacities and materials. The dog bowl, or automatic dog bowl, can be used for croquettes or water. Often in the form of dog bowl, the original dog bowl for transport cage exists in different forms: ceramic bowl, heavy, decorative, easy to clean … Single bowl or double bowl (water and food); these are 2 bowls Removable stainless steel that can be washed in the dishwasher. Cheap plastic bowl, very hygienic glass bowl, silicone bowl, unbreakable…

For dog meals, different shapes and sizes the stainless steel bowl ensures perfect hygiene. To preserve the health of your kidneys opt for a support of double bowls adjustable to its height. For its lightness, for transport you will prefer a plastic bowl or a bowl more decorative ceramic.

Essential for traveling with your dog or cat, the travel bowl for dogs can conserve water and food. It is a perfectly sealed set including two bowls, one for water and one for food.

Croquettes dispenser

To measure daily the need in croquettes of your dog a distributor of croquettes is essential. You can dose and predict the amount of self-service kibble needed for one or more meals in your absence. Exists in manual dispenser or vending machine for dogs.

The dog kibble dispenser allows you to dose and provide a certain amount of kibble necessary for your dog and self-service for the day. The dispenser is plastic, it is a convenient accessory and really cheap. Dispenser small, medium or large; 3 capacities of 1.3 kg up to 8 kg to meet the needs of a large dog or several dogs to feed.

The vending machine for dog kibble has the merit of being able to be programmed. The digital distributor, once you have programmed it, the food distributor will feed your pet automatically, to the minute, thanks to its digital system controlled by LCD screen. This process opens the door to a small quantity of pâté or croquettes, a small amount of about 400 g for small dogs, Bichon, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire…

Croquettes container

The container croquettes are really essential to keep all the croquettes of his dog away from the air and light. The container with croquettes makes it possible to ensure reserves of foods in the best conditions of conservation. This preserves the freshness of the croquettes, their nutritional quality and their palatability. The croquette container is perfectly hermetic. It is an excellent protection against moisture. The container also has the advantage of protecting access against possible pests, mice and insects.

One automatic dog feeder suggestion

Our pet likes to be fed on a schedule. But that schedule doesn’t always match your to-do list. Make sure your pet is fed automatically and have one less thing on your list, provide an interesting and better quality of living for your pet with WOPET! We believe the best nutrition for your pet is personalized. The automatic pet feeder F03 will help you manage feeding times, portion sizes, proper ingredients.

WOPET 7L Automatic Pet Feeder A36

Water dispenser

Travel water dispenser or self-service water dispenser for dog and cat offers a large amount of water. The water is placed in quantity, from 1 to 11 liters, protected from dust; it is stored in a tank. The water dispenser is plastic and the water is available in a bowl located at the base of the dispenser. Cheap, practical and hygienic water dispenser for cat and dog.

Water fountain

The water fountain is refreshing for our animals. The WOPET water fountain provides pure, oxygen-rich and fresh water at will. The water fountain encourages dogs to drink. Drinking regularly and at will is good for the kidneys. The water fountain encourages the dog to hydrate, especially during the summer months. To complete the well-being of your dog you can use a dog food dispenser.