Are you someone who is workaholic but still wants to make sure that you are being attentive to your fur babies? Then you are not alone! Today’s blog post is for you!

It is no wonder how fur parenting can be a bit daunting especially if you have work aside from taking care of your pup. The thing is, when you leave the house and your pet at home, there are things that they will not be able to do so like their routine and their walks.

As a fur parent, the thought of leaving your pup worries you. So the next option is to have them with you in the workplace. Today, here are a few tips you should know as you bring your dogs to your workplace— or not?

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Dogs in the Workplace

Having dogs in the workplace can be a bit daunting for you. Imagine you doing your daily tasks as your dogs roam around being all playful.

Well, today’s tips should guide you in helping you make a thorough decision if having your dog on your workplace can be a good idea— or not.

1) Make a room for your dog in your workplace

Best thing is to keep a space for your dog at your workplace or office. This can seem a little effort to do, but if you want to let your dog know that they have their own space inside the office, it will give them the initiative to stay there— like how they would act when they are at home.

Best to have their favorite toys with them in the office space you have for them too.

2) Train your dog and condition them on what’s not to do inside the office

Always ensure that your dog is housetrained and that he readily obeys your commands. This will help in being authoritative to them, and it also helps to control them and the things they do inside your office. If your dog is no way obedient, then maybe you should reconsider in having them in the office with you.

3) You can also leave them in a pet daycare

Aside from having them in your workplace, you can also leave them in a pet daycare. However, this will include you spending money for them. However, the nice thing is that having your pet on a pet daycare means there will be people who will feed them, take them for walks, entertain them, play with them— which are things you can not be able to do inside the workplace. Of course, you have their tasks to do with you aside from taking care of your pet.

4)Have a pet monitor at home

Having a pet monitor can help too. There is also a pet monitor that aside from surveillance can also give water and food to them. You can even talk to your pet through it.

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