In 1989, Dick Van Patten has founded the Natural Balance Dog Food with the intention of providing the best pet food in the market without jeopardizing the taste and nutritional content of the dog food. Furthermore, Patten’s company has several varieties that can encourage pet owners to provide different food choices to their beloved dogs. From canned to dry good, grain-free or limited ingredients, and even vegetarian formulation to assure that your dog will get the optimal health he needs.

What are the types of dog foods available?

Dry Dog Food Formula:

Ultra Premium Dry Dog Formula
Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Formula
Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula
Fat Dogs Dry Dog Formula
Wild Pursuit Dry Dog Formula
Dog Canned Formula:

Ultra Premium Canned Dog Formula
Limited Ingredient Diets Canned Dog Formula
Vegetarian Canned Dog Formula
Wild Pursuit Canned Dog Formula
Other Options:

Dog Stew Formula
Dog Food Roll Formula
Dog Treats
What are the best sellers?

Most experts in pet nutrition favors dry food, canned food and limited ingredients amongst all type of dog food because of the nutrients, freshness of the content, and variety in flavor. Natural Balance’s best sellers are the canned and LID or limited ingredients type.

Natural Balance Canned dog food provides several advantages over traditional dry food like additional water and tastier flavors. It is also easier to eat and can be the best solution for dogs who are picky eaters or can’t swallow dry dog food. Best of all, this type of food can keep your dogs hydrated if your pet is not a heavy water drinker.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food, which can be available in dry or canned type, are designed to provide a limited amount of protein and carbohydrate best suited for dogs who are allergic to grains or trying to maintain their weight. Best of all, they are scientifically-proven to provide quality nutrition and can make maintain your dog’s skin and coat healthy, smooth and shiny.

What are the benefits of using Natural Balance?

Because Natural Balance pet food are naturally-preserved using a mixed tocopherols of Vitamin E, your pets are guaranteed to have a complete intake of nutrients to prevent health dangers and micronutrient deficiencies. It is also made with added Taurine, which has been scientifically-proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in your pets.

Where to buy this product?

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