Are you thinking about taking your dog to Arches National Park? You’re probably eager to take your dog on adventures, so Matt Davies Harmony Communities discuss your choices in Arches. If you wish to hike the trails, Arches National Park is not dog-friendly. Besides that, activities with pets are highly limited, and your furry must be constrained in a cage, crate, or on a leash at all times.

In this scenario, carrying your furry friend does not qualify. When in doubt about the rules, it’s best to approach the park staff for clarification. Some portions of the Federal Regulations offer the park superintendent some flexibility in creating park-specific rules.

Numerous pets leave behind “predator” smells that can endure in the area for long periods, disrupting or altering the behavior of the native wildlife the park has been allocated to defend. Despite some constraints, there are some dog-friendly national parks that are well worth a stop with Fido.

Where Can You Take Your Pets in Arches?

  1. Picnic Spots – Your leashed dog is welcome to join you at any of the park’s picnic areas. Picnic areas can be found across the road from Balanced Rock, Delicate Arch Viewpoint, Panorama Point, and the Devil’s Garden at the Arches Visitor Center.
  2. The Devils Garden Camping Area – The Devils Garden Campground welcomes pets. If you want to camp with your pets, please keep in mind:
  • Pets must be kept on a 6-foot leash at all times.
  • Dogs are not permitted to make excessive noise.
  • You must clean up after your pet.
  • While you’re out exploring the park, your dog cannot be left unattended or attached to an object.
  1. Roads and Parking Lots – Leashed dogs are permitted to walk along all roads in Arches. Salt Valley Road and Willow Springs Road are two excellent options with fewer cars.

Your dog is welcome in any of Arches’ parking lots, but they are not permitted on the trails or overlooks. Please keep in mind that even on cool days, cars can become too hot for pets. Please do not leave your pets in your vehicle if you are going hiking.

Always clean up after your dog to keep these areas dog-friendly.

Dogs are not permitted in the following sites:

  1. Trails – Pets are not allowed on Arches National Park hiking trails. They merely cannot be on any park trail, even while in a carrier. Pets are not permitted in the park’s backcountry, which consists of all backcountry trails and campsites. Nevertheless, outside of the national parks, the Moab area is extremely dog-friendly. You can explore some fantastic trails with your dog just outside Arches National Park.
  2. Overlooks – Pets are not permitted to accompany you if you stop at any of the park’s overlooks. This involves (but is not restricted to) Park Avenue, the Fiery Furnace, and the Lower and Upper Delicate Arch.

Why Can’t You Bring Your Dog on a Hike in Arches?

The primary reason for establishing a national park is to safeguard and conserve America’s most wonderful spots. Keeping native wildlife secure and healthy, as well as avoiding changes to their natural habitat and behaviors, is an essential part of accomplishing this charge.

Dogs have also been known to chase or frighten the animals that live in this park, altering their behavior and causing them to become anxious or aggressive. Pets emit “predator scents,” which can influence the behavior of local wildlife.


Finally, Arches has an incredible living soil. This soil is composed of tiny microorganisms that help to build the soil, which then facilitates the animals and plants that live there. Matt Davies Harmony Communitiessaid that it is critical that you remain on the trails in this park and that you do not hike with your pet.