Are you planning to adopt Boston Terriers or already own one and worried about their food? Nothing to be worried about because there isn’t much hard and fast rule to select the best dog food for Boston terriers. Before I share the way to buy best dog food for Boston Terriers, first we should learn a little about this breed of dog because this will help you to buy the best dog food easily.
A Boston terrier is one of the most beautiful breeds of dog. In America, it has been famous since ages. In 1920’s, it was the most popular breed of America which people like to adopt. With the passage of time, the ranking of Boston Terriers has been decreased but still, the love for them in the heart of Americans has not been decreased. Today, Boston terriers have been ranked at number 22 as the most popular breed of dog which has been adopted by the Americans.
The people who like to adopt the small size dog usually prefer Boston Terriers over other small dogs because this breed of dog does not bark a lot, friendly and can stay calm on difficult situation while it use to be a fighting dog in past (or at least this is how they use to be known as).
Nutrition requirements:
According to the vet, the daily calories requirement of the Boston Terriers is about 650-700 calories per day which is not very high as compared to the calories requirements of the other dog. It is true that Boston Terriers are small in size but still, you cannot ignore the importance of protein and healthy fats when you are looking for a food for your dog. It is an active breed of dog, that’s why they required eating enough amount of protein in each meal. Same as that, the ratio of fats to omega 3 and healthy carbs are important. There are different ratios which have been suggested by different health advisers for the dog but generally, the ratio should be 40+ protein, 30 fats, and 30 carbs.
This breed of dog comes up in a different size. The big size is not very big and has very little different from the general size but due to increase in their size and height, the value of nutrition get attested a bit. Taking help from the vet to know the nutrition requirements of your Boston Terriers according to the size is a great idea.
How to choose best dog food for Boston terriers?
Today, the popular brands who make the food for dogs are packing dog food according to the breed of dog, size of dog and weight of the dog. So picking one is not difficult if you know your dog’s measure and his nutrition requirements.
Choosing a product from the popular brand is a good idea but it does not mean that you only rely on the brand name. You should look at the list of ingredients as well to come up with something best for you dog. Make sure to avoid the cheap food brand because the quality of protein and fats in their food products are very low grade which does not provide enough nutrition to the dog.