As a pet owner, the important thing you need to do is taking care of your pet best. Also, it’s important to choose the best food for your pet’s health. However, there are many options for you when it comes to choosing the dog foot. It makes your buying more difficult. Don’t worry! There are some useful guides to help you choose the dog foot easier. Check out this article to learn about them. Then, you can choose the healthy dog foot.

Understand the dietary needs of your dog

There are many factors that decide your pet’s energy and nutrition needs. They include the age, activity level, and reproductive status. Depending on each life stage, you should choose the suitable pet food. The fact is that a young growing puppy or pregnant dog will need more calories.

Also, you need to know your dog’s nutrition. In fact, not all calories are from one kind of nutrient. Indeed, a dog will need about 20-25% of calories. You shouldn’t feed too many calories to your pet in order to avoid the excess calories on the body. That means also your pet may suffer from pancreatitis due to high levels of fat.

See a veterinarian and tell him your pet’s diet. Then, you can get more advice from him about your pet health. If there is any health problem, your veterinarian will help to make a plan for your pet. He will help your dog with some problems as chronic diarrhea or skin problem. And, the main reason causing these problems is the food.

Choose a nutritional dog food

Don’t pay attention to marketing on TV, in stores, or in magazines. You may be fooled by them. Instead, we commend you to do some research for your pet.

You can choose canned or dry food for your pet. You will pay more for choosing canned dog food. In fact, they are more expensive than another about 75% water. Most of the dogs can do fine on both of them. But, some dogs are sensitive to the form of diet. So, it’s important to choose the proper process of food.

The label you choose has to come with the AAFCO statement. This ensures to give a baseline of assurance to the consumer. And, they are enough nutritional for the type of animal.

Learn about the list of ingredients of a dog food product. You should choose the food including meat, grain, and vegetables for your dog. The first ingredient you need to see in the label is chicken and beef. Also, it’s essential to Compare ingredients of different dog food products listed by weight.

Look for the freshest package of a product. The type of food you choose must be still fresh. In order to determine that, you need to see the sell by date on the box. You should also check if the bag is intact or not. Make sure it comes with no holes before taking it home. Don’t forget to store the dog food in the freezer nicely in order to avoid moisture contamination as well as freezer burn. The thing you need to do just is taking them out the day before feeding it so that it can thaw completely.

It’s important to store dog food in the right way. For example, you need to store dry dog food in the original bagin the cool place. And, Store leftover canned food in the refrigerator. Also, you should store unopened canned food in a cool place. It’s ideal to use opened dog dry food for 6 weeks once you store it right.


Here is important information about dog food. To sum up, we will give you some essential tips for choosing a dog food. You should make some research, Avoid choosing an unbalanced diet because it may be harmful to your dog’s health. You can buy dog food in many great resources such as The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown or Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs by Lew Olson. They are famous brands considered highly for a dog. It’s better to ask your vet for some advice. Then, you can choose healthy food for your dog.