You will quickly realize that a dog that’s full of energy will eat your shoes, destroy your sofa and will generally wreck your house until the energy has been dispersed. However, with a bit of obedience training and exercise like running for example, will turn your dog from a terror the joy to be around.

Running is the perfect way to tire out an energetic dog and it will also help you to keep fit too – it’s a win win! Even if your dog isn’t a natural runner if you use the correct dog running leash it should come naturally to him.

Out on Your First Run

When you first start running with your dog we recommend that you alternate between walking and running until your buddy has become accustomed to his new workout!  It will take a bit of time and some patience. If your dog pulls, always remember that your leash is the tool that’s going to give him the demand to immediately stop.

The problem you might face is that your dog will, at first, associate running with playtime. So if he starts to turn around or if he darts off in random directions be firm and say ‘no’ and stop running, and also don’t forget to reward him if he does listen to you.

Remember Take it Slow

If you are an active runner and can run for miles on end don’t expect your dog to be able to keep up on his very first run, or second or even third for that matter. When you start running with your dog do it increments because your dog will need to build up his stamina before he’s ready to join you on long runs.

Remember, to keep a close eye on your dog’s body language for any signs that he might be struggling with the running. If he’s lagging behind or struggling to keep up and is panting heavily stop and give him a rest and plenty of water to ensure that he’s properly hydrated.

Alternating between a walk, jog, and run for the first couple of weeks is the perfect way to build up your dog endurance and after 4 weeks there’s no reason why your dog won’t be able to keep up – just don’t take him on the London Marathon… not just yet!

Start a Weekly Training Plan

Once your dog has gotten used to running on his leash with you on long runs it’s time to kick up the training a notch. Go out running everyday and try to extend your run every week until you reach yours and your dog’s goals.

Some breeds need more exercise than others and if you don’t want your house to be destroyed we highly recommend that you lose the built up energy in the dog by running daily. With the right patience and a bit of practice, you’ll be able to enjoy running with your best K9 buddy by your side.