Having a home pet camera is most likely the best life saver one could ever have. Or is probably the greatest invention of all time for pet owners.

If you are leaving home for weeks, going out on a short vacation leaving your fur babies at home, it is basically better to watch them over by installing a pet surveillance camera. Pet cube cameras are popular in today’s market because most pet owners are hook at buying one so that they can check their pets at all time.

It is also a good thing to get this cameras when your pets are sick, or to check if they’re feeling distressed during the day. When you are always going out, it is better that you can still take the responsibility of still taking care of them away from home than bring them along with you wherever you go.

That is why today, this blog will be your guide in finding the best pet cube cameras you can purchase and install in your home.

Guide in Finding Pet Cameras

In finding for the best pet camera, you have to make sure that you are checking on some of the most important factor in a camera.

Basically, there are a lot of pet cameras in the market today. Some of them varies in price, size, and even at the features they have. Now, this blog will enumerate the factors you need to consider to in a pet cube camera.

Let’s start of with…

1.Viewing Angles

This is very important. Basically, choosing the viewing angles depends upon the behavior of your pets. If your pet is mostly calms and sleeps a lot, getting a narrow viewing angle will do. But if you pet is very active, it is best to get a wide-angle view.

But if you want to see every move of your pet, getting a camera that can pan, tilt and zoom is perfect for you.

  1. Video Quality

Video quality is everything! Especially because this allows you to see clearly what your pet is doing in a more better detail.

  1. Two-way Audio

Two way audio are very beneficial both to you and your both. This lets you hear your pet’s and in return your pet can hear you too. When the app detects they’re barking out of distress you can just then speak up to the audio to calm them off.

  1. Night Vision

It’s important that you can monitor your pet at any time of day. While it is possible that you can be out at night, getting a night vision pet cube camera will help you see him clearly even when the lighting is compromised. Or, if you’re sleeping away from your pet, you can still monitor him through your app during night time.