If you want a pet with the beauty of perfection, then for sure the first animal that comes to mind will be cats. In ancient times when there were Pharaohs ruling this earth, then at that times, these cats were worshipped as Gods. The importance of cats could also be described by the beautiful drawings carved on the walls of Egyptian pyramids. In a similar way, these cats still rule our earth, but on a different level now.

As they have taken over several social media accounts with most followers than you can even imagine. Currently, there are so many famous cats on social media, and below are some of the Cats of Instagram Twitter, and Facebook.

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First of all, there is an Instagram account named as Nala_cat, and no doubt this account is held by one of the most beautiful cats you can ever see in your life. Despite being so much famous Nala had a very sad story with her. Nala was very young when her parents left her to die, but her current owner took a good care of her and made her famous using her social media capabilities.

Nala right now holds 3.2 million of followers alone at Instagram. Most of Nala’s followers belong to the United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Her owners even are the members of pet finder, so that no other animal should die. And they are also trying to bring awareness among people to adopt more and more animals.

Grumpy Cat

Then you might have seen memes of a cat over the social media, well the face of grumpy cat n those memes really belongs to a real cat, whose Instagram account is named as realgrumpycat. And no doubt the face of this cat looks like she is irritable. Well, this might sound strange to you, but this grumpy cat is one of the top-ranked media personality on Instagram with 12.1 million followers. And all of her popularity is just due to that weird natural face that she has got. And with every passing day, more and number of people are following her Instagram account.

Hamilton and Bub

Then comes another Instagram account named as Hamilton_the_hipster_cat, and holding more than 800k followers all around from Europe and the United States of America. Well if you are wondering that what is the unique feature that has made her so much famous on the social media platform, then answer is a white moustache on her face which gives her a really gorgeous look.

After this comes iamlilbub holding at least 1.8m followers. If you think that this cat became media celebrity without any reason then you are all wrong, because all the money made from her Instagram account has been donated to the society in America to stop Animal Cruelty. Plus you will not even believe that Bub also owns a store where she creates great pieces of artworks. Furthermore, she also delivers her artwork to her customers all by herself.