For most pet owners, our dogs and cats are a big part of the family. The provide comfort when you are grieving, make you laugh when we are feeling down, and keep you active when you had prefer to take it easy. There is something about this relationship that is unlike any other; for this reason, we have an inner desire to care for our pets, even when we are not around. Vacation can be an exciting break from the chaos and mundane nature of work, but many pet owners feel anxious trying to find the right person to care for our furry friends when away. Most would simply prefer to take their pets with them on the trip to avoid this situation. However, it is not always conducive to a safe choice, due to the need to fly or an extended period in the car. It is important to evaluate the facilities and talk with these caregivers to assure you are making the right choice. Some have different care styles, while other facilities have mixed breeds spending time together. You will also need to consider your pet is interaction with others to be certain the facility you choose fits their personality.


Before you board your dog, and even attempt to search for a boarder, be aware that your dog must be up-to-date on all vaccinations. This includes rabies, kennel cough and other preventative measures. Not only is it a necessary part of keeping your pet healthy, it prevents them from spreading unknown diseases to other animals at the facility. All qualified facilities will require this; stay clear of those who don’t, as you may find your pet contracting some serious illnesses during his visit.

Finding a Kennel

Talk with your friends, family members and veterinarian to get names of some of the boarders they trust the most. You can also look through online search engines to find those that are closest, and in some circumstances, read reviews from other customers. If your state requires inspections of these facilities, verify that the kennels you are considering have met these standards. Visit with those who have passed these tests to view their licenses, and get a sense of how the kennel is run. Look for a clean facility, with kind and knowledgeable staff members. If your pet has special needs, be certain they are equipped to handle them. In the end, choose a boarder who has a long-standing reputation of quality pet care. For other factors to consider, click for more information about quality pet care in your area.

Prepare for Anxiety

Your pet is likely not away from you for long periods of time. They are used to you being home every night, as the sleep at the foot of your bed. Even the most calm cats and dogs can grow increasingly anxious when you are not around, so it is important to help them remain secure when you are gone. Take your suitcase out numerous times before your trip, so that he won’t always assume the suitcase means you are leaving him. It is important to not linger when you drop him off and coddle him, as this will make him believe that he is being rewarded for acting out because he is upset. Instead, bring all the necessary items needed to help him feel like he is home, kiss his head and say goodbye. If you are calm, he will be calm, as well.