Choosing the right training camp for your beloved puppy is no easy decision. As a responsible and loving owner you want to know that the training camp you choose is the absolute best, a substandard camp just will not do for you. This is where sufficient research comes into play.

What factors come into play when choosing the proper training camp? The ideal training camp not only trains your puppy but also teaches, you, the owner on how best to manage your puppy and reinforce the training they learn in their classes.

What to Look For…

There are many different training camps for young dogs and they all hold their own values. As an owner you should consider several different points when choosing the ideal camp.

Puppy Obedience Training – You want a camp that teaches all the basic commands that a puppy should learn at an early age, from properly walking on a leash (not pulling on it) to going into a kennel on command. The best camps also offer to teach these commands in multiple languages giving you the opportunity to choose a language that best suits you.

Socialization and Field Trips – Much like children, proper social skills help puppies make friends with other dogs. Field trips are ideal for training camps to give puppies the opportunity to practice their new-found skills in a variety of settings.

Physical Conditioning Programs – Exercise is important for the health of a growing puppy. Through exercise, puppies get to expend a lot of their energy which will help them absorb more during the
learning process.

Signing Up for Classes

Having covered some basic factors you should consider when looking for a training camp it is time to understand when to enroll and how to go about doing it.
Different training classes have different requirements. Generally, as not all camps are the same, training for puppies begins at 12 weeks old or older. Obedience Training usually begins at 6 months old while more advanced classes require your dog to be 12 months or older.

While it is not the case for all training camps, some require a deposit which can be as much as half of the tuition required for the training level you have decided on for your canine. This deposit is generally required to hold your place in the course and ensure when classes begin your puppy can start training right away.

Many training programs offer registration both online and by phone it all depends on the program that you are seeking to enroll your puppy in.