Whether you are traveling with your dog or you are trying to train your pet to sleep in a certain place, you will probably need a kennel at some point. Dogs are usually pretty comfortable in a properly sized and fitted kennel, but it might still be uncomfortable for owners to lock up their pets. That is why it is so important for you to pick the right kennel, so your dog is as comfortable as possible.How to Pick the Right Kennel for Your Dog

There are many considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a kennel.

Kennel Size

The size of the kennel is probably the first factor you should consider. Often, this is decided by the amount of space in your house or apartment. If you could, you would surely give your pup all the space in the world. Unfortunately, you do not have that choice, so you have to pick. It is not really possible to pick a kennel that is too big, but you can pick one that is bigger than you need. A kennel that is too large can invite problems; namely, a house-training dog might go to the bathroom in the kennel if it has enough space.

A kennel that is too small is definitely more detrimental to the dog though. Making sure a kennel is large enough should be your primary consideration.

Weather Protection

If your kennel is going to be outside, you need to consider the weather protection available. You want it to be made of something sustainable, simply because that is more environmentally-friendly. However, it also needs to stand up to the elements. Wood is a great choice for material, as long as the wood is treated to withstand wind, rain, and sunshine. This will also allow your dog somewhere to go during bad weather or particularly warm days.

Typically featuring a construction similar to actual house construction, you’ll know that a good quality kennel is reliable. These types of kennels are wooden structures with asphalt shingle roofs, sloped to allow water to run off. If it works for your home, it should be fine for your dog’s home as well.


If you are going to feed your dog in the kennel, then its food will likely attract insects. Also, insects just ride around in your dog’s fur if it goes outside. A door of sorts is an excellent way to keep errant insects out; these are typically flaps of plastic.


Crates are similar to kennels, but they more closely resemble cages. Since these are not covered on all sides, you want to either keep them inside or outfit them with some kind of weatherproof protection. They are most effective for housetraining your dog or for confining it while on trips.

If you are taking your dog with you while traveling, leaving it in your house while you are at work, or just want to give it somewhere outside to live, you should probably look into a kennel or a crate. Kennels serve as homes for the dogs and are typically only limited by the size of the yard. Crates are a temporary means of confining your dog for transporting or training. What is most important is that you pick one that is the right size and construction for your needs