With so much airline restrictions when air-traveling with pets, most pet owners often chose to travel by car and most pets enjoys it more. A road trip with your dog can be really fun for both you and your dog if you plan them carefully.

For a safe and fun road trip, here’s some tips you can follow :

Have your dog examined thoroughly by your veterinarian prior to travel to make sure he is fit to travel. Undiagnosed medical conditions can turn a fun trip to a life long regrets!

Take frequent stops like every three or four hour so you and your dog can stretch and have bathroom breaks. Pets are known to escape out of the car too so make sure they are securely restrained before opening the door.

Use crates that are designed to transport dogs like 4Pets ProLine Crates,it offers extra protection in case of an accident because it is crash tested by TUV-SUD, the world leader in testing and product certification. It really is the world’s safest crate that even Cesar Millan recommends it to pet owners!

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Offer water regularly to your pets as they can become dehydrated, just like we can. Make sure you have a supply of cool clean water and a dish in the car.

Also offer them only natural Quality Dog Treats to keep him busy and occupied if you’re traveling on a long journey.

And last but not the least, book and make reservations in advance, it’s really challenging to find pet-friendly hotels and accommodations so make sure you book ahead to make sure you and your pet have a safe place to stay.