To start, if you want to share your home with a pet, there are cat apps for cats that explain the particularities of cats and the specific care they need, and that can help you choose the type of breed that best suits your lifestyle, and even to find copies for adoption. Check out the cat quotes to know more about cat care at home.

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Cat fishing 2

This free application is pure fun for cats. Download it, start it up, and zoom the screen to your pussy. He will have a great time trying to catch the fish that come out of the water. It has three different levels, and the score can be shared on social networks. It is preferable to opt for a large tablet-type device so that the cat can interact better; it should be placed on a flat surface to avoid fall hazards and, so that there are no scratches on the screen, it is better that you put a suitable protector.

Android, iOS

Catch the mouse

As cats also have the right to have fun, we close with ‘Catch the mouse’, one of the many games available for smartphone. They all share a premise: elements that run around the screen so that our cat catches them. In this sense, YouTube is full of channels with videos of birds or rodents, which will arouse the interest (and instinct) of the animal.

Android, iOS


Have you ever wanted to have dozens of cats? Put a hotel. This game offers you just that, manage a hotel for cats, adding services, preparing the rooms and taking care of your guests. You start with a small hostel and you must end up with a 5-star hotel that will delight Donald Trump’s hair.

The game includes up to six races with different characteristics. The British shorthair likes to be caressed while the ragdoll cat prefers to drive her crazy with a laser pointer. And you can also see them sleep, of course. Only the cats in your hotel did not sleep.


Pet Care & Animal Makeover

It is an application for the little ones in which we will have to take care of a virtual pussycat. We are faced with a cat that has been playing outside all day and comes home with some foxes, with wounds, dirty and hungry. We must cure, clean, feed and offer all kinds of care.