Needless to say, you love your dog and like to sleep with him on your own bed. But that is not so an ideal choice for the pet, right? Your pup craves for a comfortable place to remain cozy, sink in or lay his head while sleeping during the daytime or at night. Moreover, it is one of the basic needs of every dog breed – a separate bed for him. Take a close look at some of the variations prevalent in dog beds

Standard Bed for dogs

The number of dog parents who prefer to buy standard beds for their dogs is just huge. It is more because the standard beds designed for any dog breed look almost like pillows or cushions with no rims or edges. You can find such dog beds in an assortment of shapes, colours, sizes and materials. Most of the beds come fabricated with several comfy materials including fleece, faux suede, microfiber, flannel or denim. 

Donut Beds

Unlike the standard beds, the donut bed for dog appears with an edge or rim around it. Being a pillow-soft support, the edge of this specific dog bed enables the creature to curl up and comfortably sink in the bed. Donut beds are usually available in oval or round shape to give sufficient space to your dog for lying down & deep sleep. Made of soft & high quality materials, these beds will be perfect for the dogs that often tend to curl up and stay cozy as well. 

Kennel Beds

Kennel beds for dog are particularly designed to fit the crates & kennels of different shapes & sizes. Many branded kennel dog beds are easy to clean at times and water resistant to provide your dog with utmost relaxation. These beds are absolutely perfect for all kinds of dogs spending their time in kennel. Newborn or adult, stout or bony – every dog staying in the crate or kennel should have its own bed. 

Nest Beds

Nest beds created for any dog breed have comfy raised edges to surround the dog’s body with ease. Most of these beds look like couches or sofas. The attractive feature of raised edge makes the bed suitable for your dog to curl up or lean on – just as a bird stays in a nest.

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