Basket, nest, crate, cage, cushion, sofa, cave or snuggler? Working out which bed will be best for your dog can seem bewildering, especially to new and first time dog owners. For that reason, here is a quick guide to help you pick the right one for your dog, but as well for your home.

Nests are Not Just for Birds

Smaller breeds of dog (and puppies also) are ideally suited to nest type dog beds. Warmer and providing supreme comfort over wicker baskets and without the need to invest in additional blankets and cushions, nest style beds are also cheap and easy for older dogs to climb in and out of.

For information on other types of beds, including the most highly rated and recommended currently on the market, visit the Independent Newspaper website and give their article: The 10 Best Dog Beds, a read.

Creature Comforts

If your dog is to sleep in a crate, cage or basket, you will need to additionally purchase a cushion and / or mattress to help create a comforting, padded and insulated sleeping environment. After all, and just like humans, dogs require comfort and warmth in order to sleep well and feel relaxed and comfortable enough to sleep well.

Whilst cushions and mattresses can be bought separately to a bed, when buying both it is likely to save you money to buy them together. Further, you can do so at a fraction of the cost charged by many dedicated pet shops by instead buying from an online store such as Pet Planet or even via the likes of Argos where you can also buy inexpensive replacement mats and cushions.

K9 Couture

When it comes to K9 couture there is only one place to shop and that is from aptly names company, Pet Luxury. A UK provider and interior furnishings design company, Pet Luxury sell a range of dog beds and accessories (their doggie cart is a thing of beauty).

They further sell cushions and accessories for the home that can be mixed and matched with their dog beds meaning that anyone worried about ruining the look of their lounge or home by plonking a big dog basket in it, need fret no more: Pet Luxury have it solved.

A Reason Buy Your Dog a Blankie…

 Blankets are in some cases unnecessary, for example when buying a cushion or nest for a dog to sleep on or in; both are perfectly cushioned and insulated.

That said, it is still worth considering purchasing a thin blanket to spread over a cushion or line a nest as doing so can protect the bed beneath and help it to last far longer. Further, thin (low tog) fleece blankets are available to buy here in the UK for under a fiver from Zooplus. Hence, they are far less expensive to replace than an entire dog bed.

Dog Bed Placement?

The best place to put a dog bed is somewhere removed from noise, but not from goings on. This means a quiet corner in a lounge or family room is ideal. Placing a dog bed in a communal area so your pooch can doze off with his ‘pack’ around him is most likely to help a pup mature into a confident, relaxed and self assured pooch.

Placing a dog bed too far out of the way, such as in a corridor, under the stairs or any area where people only pass when going room to room can make a dog feel lonely, isolated and ignored. Meanwhile, placing a dog bed in your bedroom can confuse a dog as to its rank within the family and cause problematic and territorial behaviour.