Like cats, dogs have different nutritional needs than humans, and their bodies are better at digesting some foods than others. It’s okay to share some of your food with them, but not all. You want to keep your dog healthy, so don’t let laziness or inattention get in the way of feeding them only foods that are good for them. You don’t want to make your dog sick, so stick to the safe foods for them. You’ll both be much happier if you are careful.

Human Foods That Are Safe for Dogs to Eat
It may sound surprising, but yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein for your dog. You probably want to steer clear of yogurt that has artificial sweeteners and sugars when you are buying yogurt for your dog. In the summer, plain frozen yogurt can be a real treat for your dogs and help them cool off.
Eggs are another big hit with dogs and are especially good for dogs who are prone to digestive problems. Make sure you cook the eggs before you share them with your dog because raw eggs can cause biotin deficiency.
Some vegetables that are good for your dog are green beans and sweet potatoes. If you dry sweet potatoes, they are a great chewy treat for your dog. Green beans are great food to feed your dog when they need to lose a little weight. They’ll still get the nutrients they need from green beans without the added fats.
Dogs enjoy the crunchy texture of apples, and apples are good for them. Just make sure that your dog doesn’t eat the core of the apple because apple seeds contain cyanide. If your dog eats apple seeds once or twice, it’s not a big deal. However, eating them regularly can cause serious problems for your dog over time.