Most cats want to be outside playing in the grass, chasing bugs and climbing trees. Unfortunately, the great outdoors is a dangerous place for your cat because they can fall victim to predators, run out into the street and get hit by a vehicle, or eat or drink something that is poisonous to them. Fortunately, there are ways to make them safer in your fenced backyard by making it harder for them to climb the fence and escape.

Outdoor Risks

A cat that goes outside is exposed to several risks to its health, including being attacked by other cats or dogs, ingesting toxic plants, and the risk of being run over if they wander out into the street. However, even if your cat never leaves your property, they could still be in danger. Many chemicals you use on the lawn or in your car, such as antifreeze, are toxic to felines.

Protecting Your Cat

The best way to protect your cat from the dangers of the outdoors is to keep them inside your flat or house. However, if they happen to get out or use a doggie door to go outside, there are ways you can make sure they are safe. You can purchase or create cat fences or enclosures that will keep your cat safe by limiting their ability to climb a tree or fence and escape the yard when they go outside.

Cat Enclosures

You can either make your own cat fence or buy a commercially made enclosure to allow your cat to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Most cat enclosures are made from a nylon mesh netting and are portable, so they can be quickly and easily set up to allow a cat to be outside, while still safely contained in a covered area. This prevents them from being hurt or poisoned, or running away when they go outside.

Another way to contain a cat in your yard is to use a wood fence modified to create cat fencing. This is easily done by using some type of netting to hang at the top of the fence. This will make the fence taller and make it more difficult for your cat to climb over; angled brackets can also be used to hang the netting from so it creates a quasi-enclosure. The angled netting will make it harder for your cat to climb up and over the netting and it will also help keep other animals out.

By buying cat enclosures or fences, owners of felines are not just protecting their own cats, but they are protecting other cats and wildlife. Your cat won’t be able to chase after birds, squirrels or rabbits that may attract their attention while they are out in your yard or garden. However, while the fencing will keep out most predators, it won’t completely stop coyotes and owls from going after your pet. If your cat does go outside, make sure he or she is vaccinated to prevent illnesses when they venture outdoors.