As like human beings, dogs are also sensitive to various weather changes. Any fluctuation in the temperature can affect overall activities of your favorite pet. You can take an umbrella or use sunscreen to protect yourself from the scorching sunlight, but how can your pet do that. They always go out on the lawn, playing under the sun. No matter how much preparation you take to protect your dog from direct sunlight, they will go out without the precautions taken. Summer months are not safe for the dogs as infections and sunburn is quite common. Before the summer commences, it is better to consult the vets.

Almost all the pet owners think that summer is of full of fun with the pet as both can jump in the water and enjoy. However, there are possible risks associated with it. Too much exposure to the sunlight can damage the luster of fur, results in skin allergies and other infections as well. It is obvious that vitamin D is very important for building up the bones, but the level of exposure should be maintained.


  1. Heat Stroke –

This problem arises when the body temperature of the dog’s body rises extremely high. This happens when your pet is left inside the car during the day for a long time. Exercising for a long time under the heat can also result in heat stroke. Avoid keeping your car inside the car for hours, as the cracked window on the vehicle is not enough to provide sufficient air. Your pet should require sufficient shade and air for breathing. Being locked inside the car, you pet are not able to go out and that result in panting.

  1. Burned Foot Pads:

Some factors like the sidewalk, patio, street and the sand can burn the footpad of your dog. It is better to take your dog for a walk during the early morning or at night when the temperature outside is comparatively cooler. You can also press the hand over the surface for few seconds before your dog walks on them. If the heat is painful for you, it can be painful for your pet as well. There are various online pet stores that provide medicines for dogs suffering burned foot pads. For example – online pet shop South Africa offers everything related to your pet.

  1. Dehydration:

It is quite common during the summer months. All the living creatures do suffer from dehydration, including your dogs. To prevent this, it is better to provide cool water, outside and inside your house. You can also give ice cubes, frozen beef broth or beef broth that will encourage your dog to take in more water and help the dog to stay cool for longer.

  1. Parasites:

Infections from ticks, flies, mosquitoes and fleas are quite common in the summer months. It is better to consult the veterinarian about how to get rid of infections. You can also use collars, sprays and shampoos to get rid of these parasites. The de-worming remedies available in the pet stores online can help you to remove the parasites from pet’s body.

These are some of the summer related issues that happen in your dog. It is better to take precautions before your dog suffers from diseases.