The German Shepherd dog is revered worldwide for its bravery and intelligence. This makes them excellent police and service dogs, but what about a family pet? If you’ve been thinking about adopting a German Shepherd, you need to know how they’ll fit into your household. Here are several reasons why the German Shepherd makes a great family dog.

You’ll Always Be Safe

When you adopt a pink papered German Shepherd, know that you’ll always be safe and protected as long as you own that dog. German Shepherds are very loyal to their families and love nothing more than to watch over you and your children. This doesn’t mean they’re vicious. On the contrary, they’re very affectionate dogs but smart enough to discern a genuine threat.

Shepherds Are a Joy To Train

Due to their remarkable intelligence, German Shepherds are a joy to train. They love learning new tricks and are easy to housebreak. Shepherds crave being challenged and like being given a job to perform. That means you should have plenty of mental games lined up to stimulate the brain, such as hide and seek.

German Shepherds are listed as the third smartest dog in the world. They can understand a new command in less than five tries. This is why they’re so popular for military and police work.

They’re Highly Adaptable

The beauty of German Shepherds is that they easily adapt to any living situation, whether it’s an apartment or a country home. As long as they’re given enough exercise, they’re content to make anywhere their home. They also get along well with other pets, even cats, if they’re raised with them.

If you give your German Shepherd puppy a loving home, you’ll have a faithful friend forever. You also must be able to display a take-charge attitude so that your dog feels safe and trusts you.

German Shepherds Make Great Companions

If you love spending time outside, you’ll be a fantastic German Shepherd parent. These dogs require a lot of exercise every day, and they love running, hiking and swimming. If you’re involved in these types of activities, you’ll have the perfect companion to accompany you on your journeys. This type of exercise will also keep your dog healthy and trim.

If you’ve got your heart set on adopting a German Shepherd for your family, you’re making a terrific choice. They’re easy to train, protective and will be a true friend for many years.