Finding out that you are allergic to cats as a cat lover can be devastating. Maybe you found out you were allergic after bringing your new cat home or maybe you have dealt with allergies for years. If you want to own a cat if you’re allergic, there are many things you can do to make this possible. Below are 6 helpful tips from The Refined Feline for owning a cat if you’re allergic

Tip #1: First, You Should Visit Your Doctor

Most pet allergies are mild compared to environmental and food allergies. Yet, it’s important to visit your doctor before bringing a cat home if you know you’re allergic. You should make sure your allergies aren’t life threatening and that there aren’t any medical concerns related to them. Most doctors will likely want you to get tested for other common allergies as well to see the full picture. Plus, your doctor will be able to suggest an allergy medication, either prescription or over the counter.

Tip #2: All Cats Are Not Created Equal When It Comes To Allergies

A protein found in cat’s skin, saliva, and fur is what triggers allergies. Surprisingly, males cats as well as certain breeds of cats produce more of this protein than others. Siberian cats, Javanese cats, Balinese cats, and Oriental Shorthair cats are often thought to be hypoallergenic since they produce less of this protein. Hairless cats such as the Rex or Sphynx are other great options for people with allergies. Allergic reactions to various breeds of cats vary from person to person. Cats that shed less overall though are usually your best bet, regardless of the breed. Getting cats neutered or spayed is important as well since cats secrete more of this allergen when they are not fixed.

Tip #3: Cleaning Is Your Best Friend

This tip is not so fun but cleaning will be your best friend when dealing with allergies (aside from your cat of course). Vacuuming your floors frequently will lessen your allergic reaction to the dander. Cat hair collects fast, especially on carpeted surfaces that hold onto the hair. Getting all of the stray hairs off your floors will make a noticeable difference. You should also wash bedding and blankets weekly, both yours and the cats, to improve the breathability inside of your home. Blinds are also known to hold onto fur and dust. So, cleaning them often or getting rid of them altogether can help. 

Tile or wood floors will greatly benefit your allergies versus carpeting which will likely make them worse. Suede or leather type of furniture makes cleaning your home simpler as well. Be sure that your cats don’t love to scratch these materials before investing money in anything expensive. Purchasing a robotic vacuum specifically designed for pet hair can greatly reduce your workload. 

Tip #4: Get Cat Furniture That Is Easier To Clean

Having human furniture that is easy to clean is important, but your cat’s furniture should be easy to clean too. The usual cat trees covered in carpet allow cat hair to build up. Having wood or metal surfaces for cats to lay on will reduce build up and your allergies.

The Refined Feline designs modern cat furniture made from wood and metal that offer tons of room for cats to lounge and play. Soft cushions, sisal scratchpads, and berber carpets can be removed and easily cleaned. These durable cat trees give cats multiple places to nap and play but won’t trap additional hair inside your house. These beautiful cat towers also blend seamlessly into the decor of any home. 

Tip #5: Switch To New Cat Food Made For Reducing Allergies

The brand new Purina ProPlan LiveClear Cat Food helps reduce the amount of the protein that cats produce which causes allergies. These proteins reduce by an average of 47% after just 3 weeks of feeding. The food is available in multiple types including an Indoor Formula, Weight Management, and more.   

Tip #6: Consider Buying An Air Purifier

Cleaning your air is always better than trying to manage it. Getting an air purifier will help to clean allergens from the air that cause flare ups. Hair, dander, and dust are cut down drastically and improve the air quality overall. You will still have to do some cleaning, but an air purifier will certainly help. Many sizes and models are available, so do your research beforehand. Make sure that the one you choose can handle the size of the room it’s in. You might have to get more than one purifier to notice a difference depending on the size of your home.

These Tips For Owning A Cat If You’re Allergic Will Help!

Mild allergies don’t have to be a deal breaker if you really want a cat in your life. Following these 7 tips will help you manage your allergies and live better with your cat. These tips for owning a cat if you’re allergic will help with the severity so that you can relax and enjoy life with your furry feline.