Red-eyed, white-haired, rabbits are one of the cutest animals out there and they draw a lot of attention, especially from children. These pets are great pets, affectionate and full of personality. But, before adopting a rabbit, there are some things you need to know to make sure that having one at home will be with the whole family.

As with any pet, adopting a rabbit brings new financial responsibilities to the owner. He will need food, veterinary visits and supplies. You can order most of pet food and supplies from This can cost money and may not fit in the pocket, values should be searched before.

The ideal home for a rabbit

Rabbits are very sociable and active animals. Exactly so they will need space to exercise and constant contact with the people in the family. Therefore the ideal location for the little house is inside the home, in a place that it can relax and at the same time interact.

Security of the house

If the intention is to let the rabbit walk freely around the house, it is of utmost importance to ensure his safety. These animals are very curious and persistent. They will smell, taste and touch everything. Therefore small, valuable and fragile objects must be very well kept.

Even if the pet is kept inside cage, which is not very indicated, care should be taken for the moments when it is released.


As already said the rabbits are energetic and agitated. If they get bored they can cause a lot of headaches. To avoid problems the tip is to enrich the environment with toys and activities that hold the animal’s attention and enjoy it. A good option is to make a cardboard home filled with finished toilet rolls. Old paper and other unused paper products can also be attractive.


Most shelters that rescue rabbits will begin the process of teaching them to get their needs in the right place once they reach shelter. That way a rescued rabbit will already be accustomed to some basic commands. But even so, the animal will need to adapt the rules of the new house. As with other pets, the owner must have patience and persistence, always rewarding the correct answers.


It is important to understand well what the nutritional needs are during the life of the animal. Proper nutrition is the key to the health of a rabbit. The pillar of food is fiber, and so they need unlimited access to hay all day. That is why it is very significant to make sure that all the residents of the house do not have allergy to hay.

Creating ties with a rabbit

Rabbits are fairly affectionate animals. A good tip to make sure that your personality and that of your future pet are the same is to talk to a shelter employee.