One of the greatest challenges of keeping pets, especially cats, is taking care of their litter. Cat litter boxes do much more than just cater for south-side businesses of cats. They are a part of our homes, our furniture, and a very integral part of our cats’ lives. Yes, that too. When I was a young girl, I used to go spend summer vacation with my maternal grandmother. She kept cats. A lot of cats. And I loved them. Loved petting them, feeling them purr, and feeding them too. But I never bothered about their litter boxes. What seven year old cares about cat litter boxes?

When I got old enough to have my own family, I naturally adopted cats. Imagine the reality check when I realized I had to worry about litter boxes as well as food. And if you want to know why they can’t just do their business in the yard, it’s because you have to clean it up later, preferably before you step on it. At least, with a litter box, you know where you stand.

There are varieties of cat litter boxes and furniture. So many, in fact, that you may be at something of a loss as to which to go for. But it’s best that you have a general idea of litter box furniture so you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

Apparently, you don’t just need a litter box. You need a litter box furniture. That’s a place to keep your litter box in, as I learnt the hard way. I didn’t (still don’t) have a closet or basement where I could put the cat litter box. So my litter box just sat there, cutting a very odd figure, out there for all to see. A friend suggested getting a covered litter box. Which helped conceal the mess and smell, except it had the added disadvantage of being too big and too obvious, which defeated the purpose of a litter box furniture in the first place.

So after consulting several cat parents, I decided that a really good litter box furniture should be such that is made exactly for that purpose, hidden in plain sight, and for that, it needs to fit directly in your home décor. The doors should open to the front s you’ll have enough room for access. It is important that the unit be lined with a water-resistant and easy to clean material, preferably plastic otherwise you’ll have loads of cat pee soaking into the wood.  It should be easy to assemble and have vents for light and air.

Cats are fussy creatures, and if they love their litter furniture, you can rest assured that they’ll get used to it no time. Mine did.