They say a dog is a man’s best friend and there is no saying that could get truer. However, all the pet owners will agree with the fact that it is not easy to take care of your pet dog, especially if your pet dog is furry. As much as one loves their pet, it is a lot of work when it comes to keeping one’s pet groomed, especially because the pets can’t do it for themselves.

However, if one is looking for the perfect place to groom their pets. Prima Donna Pets Dog Groomers is the place to go. Liz, the owner of the grooming center, is not like any other dog groomer. She truly sets herself apart from the others in this business. Most dog groomers are in this business for money, because who wouldn’t pay for grooming their pet and keeping them healthy, but, she genuinely adores animals and pets, of all kinds, but especially dogs. The one thing that sets her apart from the others in this business is that she truly has the best interests for one’s pets in mind. She also believes in getting things done in the most organized and efficient manner. One more thing that sets Prima Donna Pets Dog Groomers a class apart is that they don’t just hire anybody because they need somebody to do the work. They only hire somebody when they see that the person has a natural way with pets and once they feel like that person can be trusted with the pet completely.

Prima Donna Pets Dog Groomers has been built around reliability, trust and hard work, along with an extreme passion for the well-being of animals. It is located in Herongate village, near Brentwood, and it offers not only grooming services but a range of clothes, toys and accessories to suit all breeds and styles. When it comes to grooming, they have various packages and the best part is that even with their basic groom package, one’s gets the thorough de-shed of dead hair, nail clipping, ear cleansing along with a bath and custom styling. They also offer spa treatments alongside the grooming in order to ensure that one’s pet is in the optimal health condition along with, of course, a pampering session for the furry ones.

They also offer 100% natural dog food, for which quite a few awards have been won, along with a varied range of luxury treats for the furred ones. They categorize their services into 4 categories, namely:

  1. a) Brush and comb: This is basically to remove the dead coat of skin and the tangles in the fur
  2. b) Coat trimming: This is for full styling of the coat
  3. c) Doggy Treats: A wide range of luxury treats for the dogs
  4. d) Accessories: Collars, leads, toys, name it and one shall find it.

So, one needn’t look any further if they want someone they can trust with their pet, because one can leave their pet with Prima Donna Pets Dog Groomers without a second thought.