Everyone loves animals, but not everyone can have a pet at home. There are many reasons some folks can’t enjoy having a pet including housing restrictions, time constraints, travel, and allergies. But everyone can adopt and support a wild pet, such as those at various zoos around the world. More and more people are recognizing the benefits of adopting zoo animals and find it a great way to contribute to their care and keeping. Zoos are in constant need of funding for medical facilities, food, enclosure upgrades, and overall animal care and provisions. Animal adoption is a great way to be a part of the zoo support system.

Who Can Adopt An Animal?

With the best and most reputable zoos, there are no restrictions when it comes to animal adoptions. Many times a school classroom will adopt an animal when studying the environment and how different species can be affected by climate change. They may choose to adopt an animal that is endangered. Animal adoptions also are wonderful gifts for birthdays and holidays. If you know someone that loves kangaroos, think of how much that person will love receiving an official certificate, an animal fact sheet, and a photo of the kangaroo you have adopted in their name. Businesses, families, individuals, clubs, and sports teams are all potential adoptive “parents” of zoo animals and birds. Adoptions are an important way to help fund the zoo’s operations.

What Does Your Donation Provide?

When you pay to adopt an animal from a zoo, the support of the zoo includes its upkeep and the care of all its animal inhabitants. The protection of endangered and threatened species is of specific concern, and funding is always needed. Ongoing classes for children and adults to learn about the zoo, the animals that live there, and the environment are all made possible through the money donated by the community. Zoos have sustainability plans that need continual support, and this includes funding for staff as well as community programs. Donations help secure the zoo’s continued contributions to public schools and community educational programs. When children learn to love nature and all of its inhabitants, they learn to be compassionate and caring.

You can make an impact on your community, schools, and environment by adopting a zoo animal. You can also provide in other ways, including donations of money and time. Helping your local zoo ensures a healthy and happy life for the animals that live there.