Being separated from your pet can be stressful for both your dog and yourself. However, you can reduce your anxiety about leaving your dog behind by finding him a safe place to stay while you’re enjoying your holiday. Here are considerations for finding the best boarding kennel for your dog.

Human to Dog Ratio

Along with calling a list of boarding kennels when you have to leave your dog behind, you need to pay each one a visit prior to choosing one. Don’t alert the kennels by making an appointment, but call to check their hours, and visit them anonymously so you can see how they interact with the dogs in their care.


Once there, observe how many staff are on hand and the number of dogs they are boarding. If there are too many dogs, then their care may be neglected and they may not get the attention and exercise they need while staying at the kennel. However, a good kennel, such as Goldborough House Kennels & Catteries Ltd, will have several staff members on hand throughout the day to help care for your pet.

Inspect the Dog Pens

Make sure to do a careful inspection of the pens where your dog will be staying: make sure that the pens are sturdy, so your dog cannot escape and other dogs cannot get to him. If you have a smaller dog, they may feel threatened by larger canines, but a secure pen with a dog house to escape into can make them feel safer.

All dogs should have access to fresh air and sunlight when they are not being exercised. Also, take note of each facilities’ cleanliness before leaving your pet there. Taking the time to visit each kennel is the best way to choose a place for your pet while you’re separated from him or her.