When you bring a cat home within a couple of weeks, it becomes like a family member. In this article, we will discuss a couple of tips for pet owners to take care of your cat’s health. You can use best vacuums for cats to take care of hair, as they need good amount of care.


You can find the age-related changes in the eyes. If you check your cat’s eyes and notice an iris, which was earlier solid. Cats, which are suffering from sclerosis, may have bluish line in their eyes. These are the common problems which most of the ageing cats experience. The better part is that these age-related problems will not decrease the vision of your cat; you do not need to worry about. On the other hand, there are a couple of diseases like high blood pressure; this can affect a cat’s ability to see.


Hearing loss is also common ageing problem in cats. It may be due to infection, which is causing inflammation in the ear. Due to inflammation, the capacity of hearing decreases significantly. This may be the reasons why your cat is not responding when you call.


If you start taking care of your cat’s teeth in his younger years, then it will be beneficial and pay huge dividends in the long run. Oral diseases not only cause pain, they also serve as an obstacle while eating. This is a common disease in elderly cats. In older cats, you may have seen that some of the teeth are missing and some look yellow. Maintain good oral hygiene.

Skin and fur

Metabolic rate decreases with advancing age and it happens with humans as well as with cats. Decrease in metabolic rate will also harm the skin of your cat because itselasticity decreases and it becomes dry. With age, the skin will become thin and blood flow will decrease. This is the reason why the fur of your cat becomes thinner. The same happens with ageing dogs also. You can use best vacuums for cats to take care of the fur.

Muscle bones and joints

As the age advances,cats lose muscle tone and decrease it power. Metabolic rate decreases and body weight increases. Order cats also have some joints and tissue problem as the condition of cartilage deteriorates with time. Bones become brittle and arthritis is a common problem in aged cats.