Your pet is a valued family member, and like the rest of the family you want to do the very best you can, especially in regard to their health. In the case of a medical emergency for a human family member you’d call 999 and asked for an ambulance, but what do you do if your pet is need of urgent attention? The answer is, visit the emergency vet in Devizes if you live reasonably close to the area. Many veterinary practices have an emergency service available and aside from immediate veterinary care for your pet they also provide, during regular hours:

  • Surgery
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Regular Check ups
  • Diagnostics
  • Dentistry

The services of a vet are not something you need to utilise every day, but it makes sense to store the telephone number on your phone, both for emergencies and normal hours appointments.

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Is Veterinary Care Expensive?

Like anything of value, high quality veterinary care does come at a cost, but any cost is secondary in comparison to the health of a much-loved family member. Many veterinary practices also offer affordable pet insurance plans which gives the owners of peace of mind, especially in the case of an emergency. It is strongly advised that you do consider a pet insurance policy if you have one or more pets, as over the pet’s lifetime you will probably need to use it on more than one occasion. Source your local emergency vets today, you never know when your pet might need them!