A cat may sometimes develop breathing problems and the owner may be at a loss on what to do. Breathing problems in cats are caused by a number of things. A cat may suffer from troubled breathing which is known as dyspnea. A cat may also suffer from rapid breathing which is known as tachypnea.Respiratory Problems in Cats

A cat that suffers from dyspnea;

Will breathe with an open mouth
Have Noisy breathing
Movement of the chest and belly when breathing
Sticking out the elbows when breathing
Inspiratory and expiratory dyspnea- problems when breathing in and out respectively
A cat that suffers from tachypnea;

Have a faster breathing rate
Closes the mouth
Sometimes coughing
Dyspnea in a cat may be caused by a number of conditions. Small nostrils, tumors, bleeding and infections are some of the known cause of dyspnea. A diseased throat may also cause this condition. An obstructed throat or a tumor in the throat can cause dyspnea. Lung infections, bleeding into the lungs, enlarged heart and heart failure are other causes of dyspnea.

The tachypnea condition in a cat is caused by a low count of the red blood cells, heart failure that causes the lungs to fill with fluid, Asthma, tumor, bleeding into the lungs and a low level of oxygen in the blood. Some of these conditions can be fatal to a cat. This is why when a cat experience difficulty in breathing, it should be taken for treatment.

The history of a cat may also come into play when talking about breathing problems. There are some problems that are caused by some preexisting conditions. This is why a vet will ask a cat owner from the medical history. The treatment provided for a cat with respiratory problems will depend on the diagnosis. A cat with heart problems for instance will require extensive treatment. It is important to always keep tabs on a pet cat incase any of the symptoms start manifest themselves.