Living a happy life with your family and a pet is always a dream of every person. At sometimes there is already a pet inside a house before a child arrives there, and sometimes a pet is brought later on. And as obvious you can never tell what your pet is thinking which might be a safety risk factor for the children inside your house, especially infant one. As they are the ones facing more danger to the pets?

The first thing that you needs to know is that animals have totally different nature and way of thinking, even though you are keeping animals as pets but still you cannot change their nature. Furthermore all the animals, even pets decide their territories once they get settled in a house, and like every other animal, they also cannot bear anyone new in their territory. Dogs usually love their daily life routine, and they get uncomfortable when something changes in their territory.

Initial Steps

So if a baby enters in their life, then they usually feel ignored and irritated by the presence of someone new in that particular house. So before you try to get Dogs and Babies along, it is better for your dogs to feel and understand how it would be having a baby in the house. And the best thing to do that is by getting familiar to your dogs that how a baby looks like, and how it would smell, and even the voice of crying baby as well. Hang some pictures of babies around the house, let your dog smell the stuff carrying the smell of your baby as well. Once, your pet dog gets familiar with all this then there is less threat that it will try to harm your baby.

Bes with your Pet as you were before

Now you are all ready to bring your baby back home, and once you reach home, then try to spend some time with your dog. In this way, your pet would never think that something is changing by the presence of that baby. After that bring them both along, and let them feel each other by your dog sniffing your baby. And after some time try your baby touch, your pet to let your dog feel the frank behaviour of your baby.

Then next thing that is necessary to be kept in mind is that never change the routine with your pet, and try to spend your days with them in the same way as you were doing before. Most dogs get aggressive and mad while they are eating, and they will never share or let anyone take their food away from them.


And that is the time when you need to keep your baby away from the dog, in order to save your baby from any sort of harm. Further to ensure the safety of your infant, it is really necessary that someone should be around, while your kid is playing with your pet. Because sometimes dogs get in really a playful mood, and their claws might hurt your child while playing as well.