Having a pet is a lot of responsibility, and it can be expensive to take your cat or dog to the vet whenever they need shots or become ill. Fortunately, you can purchase insurance that will help cover the costs of taking your pet to the veterinarian. If you are thinking about getting a pet, here are some of the costs that an insurance policy for your pet will cover:

Routine Services

If you are getting a puppy or kitten, you will need to keep up with their shots so that they don’t become ill or have problems as they get older. Depending on their age when you bring them into your home, this could mean going to the vet every few weeks, which can be costly. With a pet insurance policy, these visits to your pet’s doctor are covered, usually with an 80-20 split. The insurance will cover 80% of the bill, and you will be responsible for the other 20%.

Other routine services may include a pet’s distemper shot, an annual rabies vaccination, or a wellness check to make sure your dog or cat is okay. In addition to shots and routine medical care, most policies will cover your pet’s dental care as well. Your vet can inspect their teeth and check for gum disease, clean their teeth, and show you how to brush their teeth for them. Dental issues can be deadly in cats, so it is important to keep tabs on their teeth, and an insurance policy can help you do so.

Non-Routine Services

Unfortunately, pets get sick or hurt, especially if they spend any time outside the safety of your house. If you have an emergency involving your dog or cat, and they are covered by an insurance policy, you don’t have to fret about not being able to afford their care. Similar to routine services, most emergency vet care will be covered at an 80-20 split, making their care much more affordable.

Some of the emergency services covered by a policy may include infectious diseases, allergic reactions to plants or food, skin allergies, accidental injuries, hospitalisation, and surgery. If you need to take your pet to an emergency clinic after your vet’s office has closed, that will be covered by a policy as well. Having an insurance policy for your pet can make both routine and emergency services for them far more affordable.

Levels of Insurance

Most insurance companies offering pet policies will offer different levels of insurance to cover many different services. For instance, a basic policy may not cover tick paralysis in dogs, but if you buy a higher level of insurance, it often will. Certain breeds are susceptible to certain conditions, so if you want to have good coverage for your pet, you can consult with the insurance company or your vet about your pet’s specific needs.

Having insurance coverage will make it easier to pay for both routine and emergency medical services for your pet, which allows you to take better care of them throughout their lives.