You love taking your dog on adventures, and that means you and your dog spend a lot of time together in the car. How do you manage to keep your dog safe and happy while riding in the car with you? While this may not seem important, when you realize that one-in-four Americans will get into a car accident at some point in their lives, you realize how important safety measures are not only for you, but for your beloved pet as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Think about investing in a safety harness.

People are required to wear seatbelts for a reason. They help keep us safe in the event of an accident, and they often prevent fatalities. But what will happen to your dog if you get into an accident? The fact is that your pet has a higher chance of being injured if not secured to the seat. Thankfully, there are many options for dog “seatbelts” now. These seatbelts are basically harnesses that keep your dog securely attached to the seat. This keeps them from jumping into your lap while driving and possibly causing you to get into an accident. It also keeps them secure, so that if you do get into an accident, they have a much better chance of not being injured.

If your dog hates the harness, a crate might be necessary.

Some dogs don’t respond well to being harnessed to their seat at first, so you may need to keep your dog in a crate during road trips. A crate can help dogs who get nervous in the car feel more secure, and they will keep your dog from jumping on youwhile you drive. They also help keep your dog more secure in the event of an accident.

Don’t leave your dog in the car on hot days.

Many people underestimate how hot their cars get during the summer, but if you are ever in the slightest doubt, don’t leave your dog in the car. Cars can heat up quickly to temperatures much higher than the one outside. Just leave your dog at home or take it out of the car with you. Don’t risk harming your faithful companion.

Make sure your dog has plenty of water.

If you’re taking your dog on a road trip with you, make sure that you take breaks every so often to take your dog out and give it water, food, and a little exercise. Long road trips can be hard on dogs, and this can help make it easier.

These are just a few things to consider if you regularly travel with your dog. Take the time to invest in keeping your best friend safe, happy, and out of harm’s way.