To think if you should put your pet to sleep is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions. However, prepare yourself emotionally and make the right choice if it is for your pet’s benefit. Thinking about euthanasia in literal terms means “a gentle and easy death”, but sadly no owner would like doing it.

Before you decide on euthanasia of a healthy dog, consider the options of rehoming it. Take the advice of a good at home dog euthanasia NYC for solving behavioral problems as they offer compassionate care and therapies too. Zendog Veterinary PLLC offers the best compassionate euthanasia services in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau), Westchester. Visit their website for complete details and book an appointment.

When do you know it’s time?

No one knows best about your pet other than you and your family. You may be the first to understand that your pet’s end of life is approaching when he:

  • is not eating
  • is acting abnormally and antisocial
  • is in pain and discomfort
  • is vomiting
  • is having breathing difficulty
  • seems unresponsive

The other reasons you can choose euthanasia for your pet could be due to some critical injury or when your pet becomes dangerous and violent. Talking to your vet, family, friends will help you in making the decision. Your vet will make you understand whether there are chances for recovery or you should go for euthanasia.

What happens during euthanasia?

  • You will have to sign a consent form first
  • An injection with an overdose of anesthesia is given into the front leg vein of your pet
  • The pet falls unconscious and the heart stops beating in the next few minutes
  • If the pet is agitated or restless then the vet will first give the sedative followed by a second injection to complete the procedure

How to cope with your loss?

Once you have decided on your pet’s euthanasia, try doing these to ease out and cope with your loss:

1) Saying goodbye to your pet- saying goodbye can be difficult but it will help you to come out of your grief.

  • Gather all your family members and spend some good time with your pet.
  • Click snaps, make it a memorable time for yourself that you can cherish later.

2) Memorial of your pet – Establish some kind of memorial of your pet along with cherishing memories of the time spent with your pet.

  • Making a scrapbook with pictures and good memories
  • Write an obituary
  • Plant a memorial tree
  • Contribute or do charity in your pet’s name.

3) Look for emotional support –

  • Talk to someone who can understand your grief and loss as not everyone will be able to understand your feelings.
  • If it is too hard for you then consider taking the help of mental health experts who deal in helping people with the loss of their pets.

It could be very distressing to put your pet dog to sleep. However, once you understand you took this decision for your pet’s welfare for comforting him, you will be much at peace.