To keep a dog as a pet is fun and exciting. They reduce stress and also give you company, especially when you are alone. Dogs too need love and care. It is the responsibility of dog owners to look after their dogs really well and provide them with adequate dog care therapy. This will ensure a longer and a healthier life for them.Best Tips Of Dog Care

We provide you with the basic information to help you take care of your dog well:

  1. Dog Food: The first rule in taking care of any pet is good diet. Your dog will be healthy if he gets a healthy diet regularly. You need to provide him with a high-quality food. There is a lot of dog food available in the market, but veterinarians recommend choosing only a high quality, nutritious food for your dog. Since such dog safety food contains the exact amount of nutrients necessary for your dog’s health. To analyze any dog food if it’s of high quality or not, check its review as well as the kind of ingredients that are included in the food. It must contain proteins as one of its main ingredient, besides other essential nutrients. Always avoid buying a dog food, which is cheap, low quality and has artificial flavors added in it. Such kinds of food are capable of harming your dog’s health to a great extent. Some may be poisonous to pets.
  2. Housing: Many people opt for making a special doghouse for their dog within their homes. Dogs also need a housing space where he can rest, sit and relax. They do not mess with the space they have to stay. Depending upon the different dog breeds one need to ensure that the dog is provided with a comfortable abode. They need to be provided with an appropriate shelter, otherwise they can lose their health.
  3. Dog Training: Training is the most important aspect every dog owner has to deal with. It is no rocket science to know that a trained dog is far more obedient, risk free and possess no behavioral traits as compared to an untrained dog. The basic dog training starts at home only from the first day the dog is brought home. However, it is also equally important to get your dog trained from a professional trainer. Such trainers know how to inculcate certain behavior traits in your dog for a longer duration. Some pet sitters are quite experienced to train dogs. They tame unruly dogs during dog walking.
  4. In dog training, one needs to be very patient. Every dog possesses different intelligence levels and takes his own time to learn and execute things. Through positive re-enforcement, you can train your dog successfully. Never get angry or hit your dog. It is inhuman and also will lead to nothing but a bad behavior in the dog.
  5. Healthy routine: A dog owner has to ensure that the dog follows a healthy routine. This shall comprise of a dog walk or exercise two times a day, generally during mornings and evenings. This shall provide him with the required physical exercise. It is also important for your dog’s mental health that you play some engaging games with him. Games such as ‘find the bone’ and ‘go-fetch’ is good for his brain. The walk or exercise duration should be anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes at one time.
  6. Dog Grooming: For taking good care of your dog, it is also important to pay attention to his overall grooming. You should make sure that his eyes, teeth, ears, coat and nails are clean and in a good shape. Regular cleaning is important. In case you observe any swelling, redness or doubtful symptoms in your dog you should consult the vet. It depends upon the kind of dog you have to analyze how often the grooming is required. Dogs with long hair require more grooming than the others, such as regular brushing to keep their coat clean.
  7. Veterinarian help: Regular visit to the veterinarian for general check up of your dog once in a month is necessary. Also, the vet will inform you regarding all kind of necessary shots or vaccination required for your dog. Many people prefer buying a pet insurance for their dog to recoup the medical expenses. Veterinary care for your dog is very important. Some people neglect visiting to a vet regularly and then end up spending huge amount in treating their ill dog. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.
  8. On Vacation: When going on a vacation or a general trip outside, where you are not able to take your dog along, always hire a pet sitter or arrange for someone who can take care of your dog in your absence. You can also consider leaving your dog at a dog-boarding centre but ensure you have checked their reviews first. In addition, vet believes that exposing your dog with others may also expose them to unknown, harmful diseases. Therefore, it is always better to hire a pet sitter so that your dog can be taken care of at his own place only.
  9. Care for a puppy: Most dog owners bring home a puppy rather than a dog. It is important to know that a puppy requires more care and attention than a big dog. As an owner, you should teach your puppy basic training techniques. Since he is too young, it will be easy to train him at this stage. You should expose your puppy to the new surroundings around him to let him socialize. Let him sniff the world around, become aware, socialize. However, all this needs to be done under your strict supervision so that you can avoid any mishap if it is about to occur. Remember your puppy is too young to differentiate between good or bad for him. He needs your constant supervision and help. Make sure you don’t follow pet myths but useful advice of vets. Many pet care jobs require grooming and training. Ensure you specify your requirement in the pet sitter checklist.
  10. In addition to this, you need to take care for the puppy’s dietary requirements too. Since he is young and growing, his food requirement will be different. There are special puppy foods available in the market, which you can use to feed your pup. Research well, talk to the vet or a dog expert to get more useful tips for caring for your puppy.